Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The dynaflex, serious grip training for BJJ.

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I would like to talk a little bit about the Dynaflex.  Dynaflex is a company that makes a series of gyroballs that provide a very intense hand, finger, and forearm workout.  I have personally used the Dynaflex to help with my grip strength and endurance for BJJ.

The dynaflex works by using the g-forces created by a gyroscope to create a tremendous amount of torque and resistance from a relatively light object.  A small ball that weighs less than a pound can create up to 60 lbs of torque (trust me it's a lot harder than it sounds).

When you first start using the dynaflex it takes a little while just to get used to it.  There is technique involved  that you have to figure out before you can really start improving your grips.  I recommend starting out with the base model and using it for several months before moving up to the next model.  You can find the best price here at amazon, the base model can be found for around $20, not much of an investment for the gains you will be able to make.

The next step up would be the premium metal series balls.  These gyroballs weigh a little bit more, but provide a VERY intense grip and forearm workout.  I do NOT recommend purchasing this model without first purchasing the base model I have listed above.  Not only is this model more expensive, but it is probably at least three times as effective as the first model.  I suggest buying the base model for around $20, using it for a few months until it becomes easy and then upgrading to the steel model.  Doing it this way will allow you to build your forearm and grip strength up a little bit before you jump into the steel model, and will also PROVE to you how effective this device can be for grip and forearm strength.  If you start out with the cheaper ball, you will notice very quickly how effective it is, and the steel model won't seem expensive at all.


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