Monday, January 9, 2012

Pan seared lodon broil with sweet potato and greenbeans.

Mom's Pan-fried London Broil Steak

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Time to prepare about 5 minutes, time to cook about 5 minutes.

What you will need:
4 oz of grass fed London broil
1 1/2 cup fresh or frozen green beans
1 medium sweet potato
8-10 grape tomatoes
Olive oil or organic canola oil
Himalayan pink salt or non refined sea salt

This recipe will produce a steak that is around medium rare depending on thickness of the meat, if you would like your steak more well done you should add about 15-90 seconds on each side as desired.

First take about a 4 oz serving of London broil out of the refrigerator and leave at room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Next, place a pan on the stove top on medium-high heat without any oil.  Quickly wash off the sweet potato making sure to scrub off as much visible dirty as possible, poke five sets of holes in the potato on both sides and place in the microwave on high for 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Your pan should be hot now, so while your potato is cooking, lightly salt and pepper your steak and throw it in the pan.  The pan should be very hot and there may be some smoke while your steak cooks (this is normal just turn on a fan).  Let your steak cook for 1 minute and 30 seconds on one side making sure not to move it until the timer goes off.

Quickly put some olive oil in a pan and set it to medium heat and allow the pan to heat up.

Your timers should be going off now so flip your steak over to the other side and set the timer for another 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Then flip over your sweat potato, lightly cover in some oil and put back in the microwave for an additional 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Your second pan should be hot now, so add the green beans to the pan with the oil.  Lightly season the beans with some salt and pepper and stir them occasionally with a spoon or spatula.

After your steak has cooked for 1 minute and 30 seconds on each side place it on a plate to rest for five minutes and place the sweet potato on the plate next to your steak when they are both done cooking.

After cooking your green beans for 3-4 minutes add the grape tomatoes to the pan along with a small amount of additional salt, pepper, and oil; and cook for another 1-2 minutes as needed.  When they are finished place the green beans on the plate with your potato and steak.

Before eating your London broil cut it in thin strips with a serrated knife going with the marbling of the meat.
Put a cut down the middle of your potato and add cinnamon and a little organic butter if desired.

You have here a quick, simple, and healthy meal.  This meal is loaded with: fiber, healthy fats, protein, complex carbohydrates, and nutrients.  For more healthy 10 minute meals, make sure to follow Chasing the Dream on facebook or subscribe for email updates!

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