Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Building muscle on a budget- Potatoes

Potatoes can be your best friend if you are looking to bulk up and add muscle to your frame.  Foods that would normally be eliminated from your diet (like white potatoes), can help you add carbs and serious calories to feed your growing muscles.  Here are some the benefits that make white potatoes an excellent food for those looking to get jacked!

1).  Price.  Potatoes are cheap, you can pick up a 5lb bag of organic russet/red/or Yukon gold potatoes for around $5 at most stores.  When I am looking to bulk up I usually buy a bag per week and aim to eat  1-2 servings every day.

2).  Calorie dense.  Potatoes are very calorie dense.  One large potato packs 280 calories and 58 grams of impact carbs.  Adding just two large potatoes per day to your diet can add 600 calories to your diet, and 120 grams of quality carbohydrates that will fuel muscle growth.

3).  Nutrient dense.  Not only do potatoes pack a calorie punch, but a nutritional punch as well.  Potatoes are loaded with B vitamins, contain around four times as much potassium as a banana, about 50% of your RDA of Vitamin C, and are high in magnesium, fiber, iron, and phosphorous, and that's not all either!

4).  Taste.  I have always heard the things that taste the best are the worst for you, but it's not always the case.  Like I mentioned earlier, potatoes are actually very nutritious (as long as they aren't cooked 3 times and deep fried like some french fries are).  Although they aren't a good choice if you are looking to lose weight they are great for gaining it.

5).  Insulin response.  Potatoes (white potatoes), can cause a significant insulin response, this triggers growth hormone and IGF-1 release in return.  These three powerful hormones can increase protein synthesis, stimulate muscle growth and recovery, and raise energy levels drastically.  Make a white potato part of your post workout meal and you will begin to see some serious results!  You can read more here

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