Thursday, December 8, 2011

How carbohydrates affect your body. Part 5- Putting it all together (Building Mass)

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If building muscle is your primary goal then your carbohydrate plan is quite the opposite of someone who is trying to lose fat or slim down.  The same hormones that are responsible for fat storage play a strong role in muscle growth.

Insulin is a powerful hormone that not only turns glucose into fat, but also turns it into glycogen (a complex form of sugar stored in your liver and muscles for energy).  When your body produces insulin it also produces a hormone called insulin like growth factor one (IGF-1).  IGF-1 production is also triggered by growth hormone secretion.  All of these powerful hormones, along with testosterone optimization, should be used together to create a highly anabolic environment for muscle growth.  Combining a caloric excess with plenty of carbohydrates, and heavy weight, high intensity, compound exercises you can being to see lean mass add up on your frame.  Read more about weightlifting here> or here>

When building muscle is your primary concern you want to choose plenty of foods with high GL especially after a workout.  Foods like: pasta, white bread (organic), fruit juices, white rice, and white potatoes are good choices as they lead to increased insulin, and ultimately increased GH, and IGF-1.  Insulin has the powerful capability to super saturate muscles with nutrients, amino acids, and glycogen making them able to recover faster and ultimately grow through increased protein synthesis.

The most important times to eat high GL carbohydrates for muscle gain are: morning immediately after waking up, immediately post workout, and 1-2 hours post workout.  I recommend a complex carbohydrate mixed with simple carbohydrate for breakfast for a spike with sustained energy; a high GI high GL carbohydrate like fruit juice, chocolate milk, sugar, white rice, or white bread immediately after your workout, and then a complex carbohydrate 1-2 hours after your workout.  Basically when adding mass is your primary goal you want to eat, eat a lot, and eat often.  The foods you usually want to limit during a cutting phase become your best friend during a bulking phase.

There is a fine line between a clean mass building phase and a dirty mass building phase.  You can gain a lot of muscle by lifting heavy and eating McDonald's three times per day, but the proportion of fat to muscle that you will gain may be undesirable, however if you keep your diet pretty clean (still include a lot of fruits and vegetables, slightly decrease fat intake, increase healthy fats, and increase lean protein), you will be able to gain much leaner mass with a higher percentage of it being muscle as opposed to fat.

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