Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vibrations (Part 3) The law of attraction

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The law of attraction is simple, like attracts like.  Negative thoughts attract negative results, while positive thoughts attract positive results.  Life for the most part is not some random coincidence, every single day we make decisions to do or not to do things, to think or not think things, to keep going or to give up on things, all of these decisions affect our lives and our futures...Every single one of these decisions starts out as a thought.  The first step to becoming rich is deciding to acquire money, the first step to being a champion is to decide to become a champion, the first step to FAILURE is deciding to quit!

Success is transient and hard to obtain in any form, success can come and go, as can opportunities to be successful, success does not usually happen by chance, it happens through sacrifice, hard work, and of course heart break.  If you form and idea, think of that idea constantly, and turn it into an obsession eventually your subconscious mind will give you the plan to achieve your goal, then the rest is up to you.  After all these things have come to pass you must create a plan of action for your idea, and you must follow that plan no matter how difficult it becomes; you must always continue to focus upon the end result (your success).  Some people, through their personalities and how they were raised, have these qualities ingrained in them naturally, while others may need to work harder to change their thinking into a positive manner.

If you want money don't think about being poor or not having money, instead think about being rich, see yourself in possession of more money than you could ever spend.  You will begin to see yourself with this money in hand and your mind will begin to generate the ideas and plans that will allow you to become rich beyond imagination.  It all starts with your thoughts, if you focus on being poor you will always be poor, if you focus on being rich you will become rich.  If you want success you must see yourself in possession of that success, eventually your thought will become reality.

Please ignore those that would have you believe that you cannot achieve your goals, only you can decide your future!  Opinions are the most abundant resource on this planet, and most people have far too many of them they throw around at others.  Learn to control your thinking, block out the naysayers, keep your eyes on the goal ahead of you, create a plan and stick to it, before you know it you will have arrived at your destination...YOUR SUCCESS.

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