Monday, December 12, 2011

Vibrations (Part 1) What is matter?

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Everything in existence is composed of one of two things, either matter, or energy.  Interestingly enough as we explore the universe (and the microverse), it is becoming increasingly more likely that even matter is created by a not completely understood form of energy.  Even something as solid as steel is made up of trillions upon trillions of tiny atoms;  these atoms are composed of neutrons bonded with protons (the nucleus) and surrounded by electrons which spin around the nucleus at incredibly high speeds.  These protons, electrons, and neutrons are now believed to be composed of even smaller particles called quarks.  These tiny particles which have properties of both energy and matter make up most of the known matter in the universe.  To get back to the steel from the previous example, even though the steel is incredibly dense as far as our understanding goes, it is incredibly empty and made up of tiny moving particles with lots of space in between; amazingly these particles are moving so quickly that it creates an illusion of sorts of actually being solid.

When examining light this conundrum once again presents itself, what is matter, and what is energy?  Light was once believed to be only a wave (energy), a wave is, put simply, a displacement of matter as energy tranfers through it (vibration).  This theory created several problems, if space is a giant vaccum consisting of absence of any particles or mass, then how could a wave of light travel through space all the way from the sun to our distant planet, how could a strange property known as gravity allow celestial bodies to influence other bodies thousands or millions of miles away?  We then were introduced  to a particle called the photon (a particle of light which has no mass yet sometimes reacted as matter, yet was also was a wave). I would like to point out that it was also believed at one time that electrons had no mass, but this was later proved wrong, so it is still very possible that photons do have mass.  This helped to form the theory of Wave-particle duality (which states-all particles exhibit both wave and particle properties).  This again leads us to the question of what is matter, and what is energy?  What really does compose our universe?  My personal opinion is that everything we can: see, breathe, touch, smell, taste is all energy.  Through a process we cannot completely understand everything in existence is created by energy.  This is not a far stretch in my mind, consider again the hunk of steel made up of a countless number of tiny fast moving particles of something in between energy and matter.  I believe that everything around us is made up of something ethereal, something pulsating and constantly vibrating at the highest frequencies!  How would you feel if we someday learned that everything in our entire universe is made from only tiny vibrations and that matter is simply a state created by incredibly high and exactly tuned frequencies?  Ponder this... maybe we are not as real as we think we are, or maybe our concept on what is real and what is false is based solely on what we can see with our eyes.

The whole point of this is to introduce to you the thought that maybe our perceptions can deceive us, maybe everything we see, is not really as it seems.  Maybe a thought can be more powerful than a machine gun. Maybe an idea can cause more destruction than the most powerful nuclear bomb, or more good than all the worlds greatest charities.  Maybe everything in your life is under your own control, and your own thoughts can influence the entire universe around you.

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