Friday, December 2, 2011

Why buy organic?

Organic foods have a ton of benefits to offer anyone interested in buying them.  There has a been a huge surge of interest in organic foods as documentaries like Food Inc. have shown the horrors of factory farming and some of the terrible conditions our foods are grown in.  Here are six quick reasons you should look to buy organic foods whenever possible.

1) Reduces toxic chemicals in the environment.  This is good for: water quality, soil quality, air quality, animals, and ultimately good for you and the foods you eat.

2) Better soil.  Since organic foods can't be grown in soils with artificial nutrients or fertilizers the soil is free from harmful chemicals and is more naturally full of nutrients.  Farmers must use sustainable farming practices to keep soil healthy, which leads to more nutritious food as well.

3) More humane for animals.  Animals raised on organic farms live much better lives than those raised on factory farms.  Factory farmed animals are:  raised in tight living quarters, often never see sunlight, fed hormones and antibiotics, and fed unnatural diets.

4) Free from GMOs.  While still controversial GMOs are genetically engineered foods that are produced in a laboratory by mad scientists.  Monsanto says that they are just as healthy and totally safe, but some independent studies have shown otherwise.  Since legislation to label GMO products was struck down, the only way to be sure you aren't eating franken fish or franken beans is to buy organic (GMOs are banned).

5) Supports sustainable agriculture and small farms.  Most organic foods come from small independent farms that respect nature and the earth.  By buying organic you help support the farmers that create food for people while giving back to the earth instead of destroying it.

6) Organics are healthier.  Not only do organics have higher nutrient values, but they are free from pesticides and other chemicals that harm your body and it's cells.  Plus as foods age they often lose nutrients.  Organic foods are usually sourced from local farms which makes food fresher too!

These are just some of the benefits of buying organic foods, I try to buy everything I eat organic.  Start buying organic today and start eating for a healthier earth, and a better you!


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