Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vibrations (Part 2) What is thought?

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As science has progressed we have learned more about the universe and more about ourselves.  Scientists and Doctors can now measure a thought.  This could only be possible if thought is an actual energy, if a thought is energy, then that means it is only a small step away from being a particle, a particle is what makes up matter.  This has the greatest significance, because if a thought is energy (it is energy) the greater that energy becomes the more likely it is for that thought to become a reality.  Imagine one person thinking a thought once a month, "gee it would be nice to end world hunger", that thought may never become reality, but take 1,000,000 people and have them think that thought 30 times per day every day... pretty soon a lot of people will be making strides toward ending world hunger.

Energy is a wave, a wave is a vibration, a vibration is a frequency... know this!  Every single thought has a frequency and the more finely tuned you can make that thought the greater its chance at becoming reality becomes.  This is how ideas became some of the greatest achievements of all time, one person had enough passion to follow an idea, to obsess over an idea until it become their single defining task in life, after enough times of failure and setback finally the idea became a reality.  Simply by thinking of something enough you can make it a reality, but only if you want it enough to work for it.

The human body has an incredibly complex system called the nervous system.  Tiny pulses of electricity are constantly moving from your sensory organs (skin, eyes, nose, tongue, ears, etc...) towards your brain, and they are also moving from your brain to your muscles, organs, and cells.  Think about this, anytime your brain produces an idea to move, it creates energy, a tiny pulse of electricity, and that pulse travels down your spine, down your arm, and all the way to your finger, then the proper metaboliuc funtions are performed by your body to allow your finger to move.  The human mind is so incredibly complex, and most people use only a fraction of it.  The greatest power of the human mind, over everything else, is to literally think an idea into existence.

The last thing I would like to briefly talk about is something that my be a little bit touchy.  Whether you believe in God, spirits, higher knowledge or what ever you would like to call it, it seems incredibly clear to me that there is something beyond the human world as we understand it.  Napoleon Hill talks about this and often refers to it as higher intelligence or collective conciousness, the culmination of every single mind, and thought all in one very alive and very vivid collective energy.  I would like you take a look at the picture below and realize the amazing simililarities between the brain and the universe.  Many quantum physicists believe that the universe could not even exist without conciousness, Albert Einstein touched on this slightly in some of his work.  I am not preaching any religion here, but please look around out society and see the spirit of people is very alive!  People of all different: religions, languages, colors, and cultures are united in one thing... HUMANITY, we are all human.  A spirit of harmony towards our fellow men and women is very necessary for ultimate success as the universe will gravitate towards an idea formed by love before it will gravitate towards an idea born of hate.

 If you can come to realize that anything you want from life you can have, then nothing in this life is out of your reach!

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