Monday, November 14, 2011

A beginner's guide to power lifting.

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As promised this article will explain what lifts to perform to increase functional strength and stability, and to ultimately build the base of your weight training system.  I will also give a brief explanation of each lift, offer some of my advice and tips on each subject, and ultimately give you some good resources to check up on and follow to help you with any issues you may have while starting out or later down the road on your journey.  I will update and add new articles on different routines for more advanced lifters, and also talk about different routines you can use to develop specific traits like power or endurance in the future.  This article will serve as the platform for new lifters and ultimately will be what I recommend for any beginning lifter, or anyone who doesn't have a significant strength base already.  Feel free to check out these links to a great website that has established standards for lifters on most of the core lifts.  Check them out and see where you stand on each of your lifts.

Bench Press-
Overhead Press-

The beginners program looks like this:

StrongLifts 5x5 Workout AStrongLifts 5x5 Workout B
Squat 5x5Squat 5x5
Bench Press 5x5Overhead Press 5x5
Barbell Rows 5x5Deadlift 1x5

It is called Strong Lifts 5x5. is the host website.  You simply do this workout 3 days per week.  Start out with workout A, take a day off then perform workout B.  Alternate workout A and B with at least one day of rest in between each workout and add 5 lbs each time you successfully complete the workout.  This method works and is one the best ways to build strength in a beginner.  The goal is to start out the first week with a weight that is very easy!  Focus strictly on the form of your lifts, and make sure your form is perfect!  The first four weeks you will complete easily, but continue adding weight and you will be adding huge weights onto the bar each session before you know it.  The main thing with this program is this... DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!!!, do not add exercises, do not add more weight than recommended.  This program is based off an old and proven method of power lifting called linear progression.  By adding exercises, doing more than recommended, adding too much weight etc., you will create over training, hinder recovery, and ultimately prevent strength gains.  Do the program as written.  I lift Mon, Wed, Fri, and take off the weekend.  If you are looking to gain serious strength you must ensure that you eat enough as well.  Do not try to gain strength on a caloric deficit, it will not happen, make sure to eat for strength gains.  If you are overweight and wanting to trim down, try to eat enough to just maintain your weight.  Slowly body fat will be replaced by muscle and then when you have a solid strength base you can begin to shed fat, which will be much easier thanks to all of the newly earned muscle.

If you would like to download a free template of the workout off the strong lifts website you can go here-

Please be advised if you would like your free template you will have to complete a short survey and sign up for email updates as well, if you don't want to do this, then feel free to just copy what I have here in this article and plug in your own weights.  The website is an excellent resource and I encourage my readers to check there for awesome articles and tips on form and troubleshooting.  I will do my best to create an extensive archive here on this site, but just know stronglifts has been up and running for over 4 years and has a plethora of lifting information that goes into much more detail than I am able to bring to the table.

Squat info-
Bench Press info-
Overhead press info-
Deadlift info-
Bent over row info-

Please check out the links above, read them and watch videos to ensure you use proper form.  Proper form is absolutely essential to avoid injury and promote the full range of benefits from this type of training.  If you are considering investing the time to improving strength and doing this program please at least take the time to check out some of these great resources and read a little bit on the topics.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions you might have about anything in this program.  There is an excellent source of knowledge in stronglifts website as well, but I would be more than happy to answer any questions here on the blog.  Please pass this article on if you think it could help someone!

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