Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Four supplements that burn fat.

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I would like to cover a few of the supplements I use personally in the process of leaning out before a competition as well as shed some light on a few other supplements that I believe have some merit in my next supplement post.  For the most part, I am a firm believer in simplicity, I think as humans we tend to over complicate things to the point of no return.  I like to take supplements that have plain labels and ingredient lists that don't exceed four or five things tops.  Most of the products you would be handed at a vitamin store, in order to help you lose weight, would have ingredients lists that take up half the bottle, and also have proprietary blends (so you won't even know for sure how much of anything is in the product).  By keeping it simple and buying standardized supplements from small companies you have a much better chance of getting what you pay for and you can also save some money in the process.

1) Psyllium husk.  Psyllium husk is an insoluble dietary fiber supplement.  The direct effects of this supplement will not cause fat loss (but, it will cause weight loss), pysllium has no direct properties that burn fat or speed metabolism however, psyllium husk does have some beneficial effects that will help you lose fat and inches around your waste.  First off, psyllium husk is almost pure insoluble fiber and has the following beneficial effects on weight loss:  fiber lowers glycemic index of other carbohydrates you eat with it, which lowers insulin levels, fiber helps cleanse the colon which will cause some weight loss, and fiber taken before meals will also lead to a full sensation and help you to eat less at meals without being hungry.  Taking nine tablespoons of this supplement three times a day in divided doses with meals will definitely encourage weight loss both from fat and from the colon.

2) Green tea or EGCG extract  EGCG is the main fat burning ingredient found in green tea.  You can chose to buy a standardized extract that specilifically lists the amount of this ingredient or you can do what I do and drink 6-8 cups of green tea per day while you are looking to trim down.  If you opt for the pill form make sure you find an extract that has at minimum 200mg of EGCG per serving and take one serving three times per day with meals.  If you chose to drink the tea itself brew 4 bags in the morning, then rebrew the same 4 bags two times more throughout the day.  I touched on green tea more in depth here if you care to learn more.>  Drinking green tea also gives you the benefit of the caffeine that is present in the tea, which is also a strong and proven fat burner.

3) Synephrine or Bitter orange-  Synephrine or bitter orange extract is a supplement that is very similar in fat burning action to ephedra, but is considered much safer and doesn't actually raise the pulse rate.  People with any sort of heart disorder are generally discouraged from using caffeine, ephedra, or other stimulants, but synephrine goes around this issue without raising blood pressure or pulse rate in most studies.  Although synephrine does not appear to be as effective at fat burning as ephendrine in most studies, it is also quite a bit safer.  Doses range from 10 mg to 30 mg per capsule, I usually take 30 mg, three times per day when I am looking to trim down.

4) Water!!.  If you have read my blog before you know how much I love water and I know water is not a supplement but it's importance cannot be over stressed.  Water is necessary for metabolism and the more water you drink the more effective your metabolism keeps going.  Most of us have been told eating smaller meals is good for metabolism and that it is like throwing little bits of wood into a fire to keep it going;  water works much in the same way for weight loss.  I normally drink around 1 gallon per day of water, but when I am trying to lose weight I try to drink up to 2 gallons per day.  Water must be warmed to body temperature before it can be processed by the body, so drinking cold water actually burns calories.  Water also helps you to feel full and not over eat which can help you cut calories without going crazy.  Read more about water here>

5) Cayenne.  Cayenne pepper is a well known thermogenic.  Thermogenics work by raising body temperature, which raises basal metabolism, which in turn burns calories and fat.  Cayenne pepper also stimulates the immune system, and increases blood flow.  If you can stand the heat try to add some cayenne to a few of your meals each day, or if you don't like spicy foods you may want to look into getting cayenne in capsule form.

Look for a later post where I'll teach you how to put it all together: supplements, weightlifting, cardio, and diet, all in order to trim down and lose body fat.  For now if you are looking to trim down its always safe to assume: if you eat smaller more frequent meals, drink extra water, get more active, eat a little bit less, take extra fiber, and try to eat a vegetable at each meal, you will probably start losing weight or inches.  Please leave any comments or questions below, and don't forget to add me on facebook, or subscribe for email updates when I make a new post.

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Looking for burn your fatness? eat healthfully, exercise regularly, and see your doctor to discuss changes to your diet.

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