Friday, November 25, 2011

Observations on a black Friday.

On my home page today I saw several stories of mayhem that occurred on this year's black Friday.  It seems like every year we hear of horror stories of people getting trampled, shot, killed, robbed, and beaten for items at rock bottom prices.  It saddens me that we live in a society where people value saving 30 dollars on a flat screen more than they value human life.

At my last job I was making over 2 grand per month and since moving to Atlanta to train full time I do not even make half as much, yet I am happier than I have ever been.  The pursuit of your dreams in life is what provides true happiness.  We don't all dream of becoming world champions, celebrities, or politicians, but every one of us has inner hopes and dreams.  Most of us choose to silence these inner voices and whether we see it or not, when you kill your dreams you kill a part of yourself as well.  There is a light within all of us, every single person on this earth has a purpose, every single one of us is on this ship called earth and we have the power to steer our lives, we hold the power to shape our destinies.

Material possessions cannot make you happy, far from it, material possessions are like weights tied around your waist.  You are in a giant ocean of life and you have to swim to stay afloat, every thing you own weighs you down and makes it a little harder to float until you can't float at all.  Truly, the things you own, own you.  I do believe that money can buy happiness to a certain extent, but I do NOT believe that any amount of possessions can ever make you happy for long.  Money can buy freedom, and freedom allows you to follow your passions, it allows you to follow your dreams fully, but this in itself is the problem.  Money allows you the freedom to follow your dreams, but most people expect money before they follow their dreams, they want to own everything they want and be wealthy, then they can write their destiny.  People expect to: be successful without trial, have money before they are broke, win without defeat; and sadly this is not how the universe usually works, on the contrary most people only become wealthy as a BYPRODUCT of following their dreams.  If you want true wealth of body, spirit, mind, and finances it must come as a result of following your own dreams.  Your success will only come after a time of trials and tribulation.  You must endure to the end for what you want, you must be willing to take anything life gives you and use it to become closer to your goals.

Your happiness cannot be purchased in a Walmart on black Friday no matter how much you are willing to pay for it.  Not until you can throw away desire for physical things and truly look at yourself can you ever be complete, not until you learn to work with all people in a spirit of love and harmony can you ever achieve your dreams, not until you say you are willing to suffer to have your victory will you ever win.

You are not the clothes you wear or the car you drive, you are not the house you live in or the country you were born in, you are not the color of your skin or the god you worship, you are whatever you desire to be.


I love this post. Money buys options but options will only lead to happiness if your mind is right. True happiness only comes through hard work.

Great post!

Thank you my friend. I have begun to see the power of thought, and is becoming very obvious that an idea can be more valuable than anything on this earth.

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