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How to increase testosterone... NATURALLY.

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There are a lot of ways to naturally ensure your body is in the maximal state to produce its own testosterone.  Many of our daily actions can lower our natural production of this powerful anabolic hormone like not sleeping, drinking, eating junk food, and being lazy.  Just a few of the benefits of higher testosterone include: lower cholesterol, increased strength, faster recovery, increased sex drive, decreased body fat, increased red blood cell production, and increased muscle growth.  Since I am not advocating the use of any synthetic substances in this article, all of these tips are perfectly acceptable for women to follow as well.  Even women produce small amounts of testosterone naturally and ensuring that your levels are as high as naturally possible will encourage these benefits for women as well.

1) Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.  This rule is most important because, if you aren't sleeping enough even if you do everything else right this will kill your testosterone production.  Missing 8 hours every now and then and you won't notice a significant difference, but make it a trend and watch your levels fall.

2) Avoid alcohol.  Alcohol has the effect of lowering testosterone levels even in small amounts, and drinking excessively brings with it a whole host of other problems like: low magnesium levels, cramping, hang overs, dehydration, and muscle fatigue.

3) Lift heavy, and do compound exercises.  A heavy workout with dead lifts or squats produces a HUGE surge in testosterone due to the massive amount of muscle recruitment and energy required to do these lifts.  Lift somewhere in the repetition range of 2-6 to maximize testosterone production.

4) High intensity work outs.  If you are wanting to push your cardio and maximize testosterone production look up some information on H.I.T.T.  (I will eventually create a post about this as well), performing high intensity sprints is not only more effective at increasing cardiovascular development than jogging, but it also increases testosterone production.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also great source of high intensity work (especially at a good gym).

5) Eat good fats.  Make sure to include lots of healthy fats in your diet like: fish oil, avocado, olive oil, nuts, flax seeds, and canola oils.  These fats have been shown time and time again to increase and help maintain levels of testosterone in men while decreasing body fat.  Aim for about 30% of your calories to come from these sources of fats.

6) Eat red meat, eggs, dairy, and fish.  The fats and dietary cholesterol in these foods have been shown to raise levels of testosterone.  Testosterone and other hormones are produced from cholesterol and the saturated fats in these foods can keep testosterone levels high.

7) Eat smaller more frequent meals.  Smaller more frequent meals help to maintain levels of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates sufficient to fuel your body, ensuring your body has adequate macro nutrients promotes anabolism and helps keep testosterone levels high.

8) Lower your soy consumption.  The jury may still be out on this one, some studies have shown soy raises estrogen levels and decreases testosterone, while other studies have shown no correlation.  It might not hurt anything, but to be on the safe side, avoid soy when possible if you are looking to have maximum testosterone levels.

9) Relax!  Stress produces cortisol.  Cortisol: raises body fat, lowers testosterone, and increases muscle breakdown.  Most people are wound way to tight, learn to live, love, and laugh.  Try to stay positive and look at the bright side of things.  We can choose to live our life one of two ways, happy or miserable.  If you want to have the highest levels of testosterone possible, stop stressing.

10) Increase your zinc intake.  Zinc is important for testosterone production and you can read more about zinc here.

11) Drink a shake after weights.  Drinking a protein shake with at least 20 grams of simple carbohydrates like juice, or sugar after lifting weights can help raise testosterone levels already stimulated by weight lifting.  This blend of protein and carbs also helps: raise growth hormone levels, IGF-1 levels, increase anabolism, halt muscle breakdown, and shuttle carbohydrates back into muscles for maximum glycogen stores.

If you commit to following these suggestions you will ensure your body is primed to produce the highest natural levels of testosterone possible, and you'll enjoy the other benefits of these healthy tips as well.  Don't forget to follow my blog, and help me spread the word by making recommendations on social media.

Please take a few seconds to check out my new website Http://


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